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Typically the Abs Diet isn’t some sort of wham

Typically the Abs Diet isn’t some sort of wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am approach to weight reduction. Wow, you’ll lose fat, and you are getting to lose it rapid. But you’ll loose fat, not muscle tissue. And you’ll preserve that weight off for lifetime. You’ll keep to the tenets on the Abs Diet for lifetime, way too, because it’s with regards to eating many of wonderful food in smart approaches. So take advantage of the Abs Diet program. But let’s preserve that little four-letter expression between us, fine? is what permits you to obtain the most dramatic economical gains. It’s a similar concept using your body. Purchase a little more muscle next a few weeks-through eating the correct foods and pursuing the muscle-building, fat-burning exercising plan-and you’ll have have used a lean along with strong body which could last a lifetime, your own new muscle can continually break down extra fat to stay well.

I will passionate about this course of action because I realize functions. I’ve viewed it work, so can you. Over the course of this kind of 6-week plan, you may lose approximately 20 pounds involving fat (much of computer in the initial fortnight, along with from your abdomen first) and gain 3 to 5 pounds involving lean muscle. Though the biggest thing you are getting to notice is that you are getting to have significantly changed the contour of your human body. Some of you could more dramatic effects (see page 32 to the story of Invoice Stanton, who missing 30 pounds about the diet and trim his body fat proportion in half). Typically the Abs Diet includes all three components to your successful body-transforming software: nutrition, exercising, and the motivational principles to follow by way of. I’ve designed this method to restore straightforward to remain focussed on, regardless of whether you however you’ve tried along with failed with diets in past times. It is very easy to follow since: Ǡ Every portion of the diet along with exercise plan is rapid, simple, and versatile enough so as to quickly work it in your life.

Ǡ Each goal is plausible.

Ǡ Each principle is maintained well-respected scientific study.

Typically the Abs Diet can change how we take into consideration your whole body. It’s the initial plan to count up not just fat your body features but the calorie consumption your body burns off of as well. Making use of the most cutting-edge nutritional and exercise study, the Abs Diet program will show you tips on how to retrain your whole body to get rid of fat faster and even more efficiently-even whilst you sleep-and to hone in on your diet aroundthe foods in which inspire your body to hold those calorie-burning shoots stoked. The Stomach muscles Diet isn’t about counting calorie intake; it’s with regards to making your calories count up.

Over the book, I will take you throughout the principles on the Abs As well as show you tips on how to keep to the 6-week prepare. I’ll also make clear the work out program (which need not start before third week) and offer you instructions for you to perform typically the exercises and the way to make dinners. (Don’t worry-if you may operate a ninja blender, you can make up each of our Powerfood feasts. ) To hold you encouraged, I’ve included typically the stories of real-life people who credit history the Abs Diet using changing their bodies and the lives-not to cover how big is their jeans.

Some sort of Figures, Very small Food stuff

Some sort of Figures, Very small Food stuff

EXCESS FAT WATCHERS-a popular point-tallying structure that enforces portion manipulate by having you fire wood the amount of food stuff you eat all day-works the revolutionary system .. Folks who overeat will manage to benefit by tracking whatever they consume and remaining conscious of reducing excess calories. But the offer has its weak spots. First, I do not know many of us who have the hands of time or long-term style to measure foods together with count calories often. Subsequently, Weight Watchers will not guarantee nutritional steadiness.

You could add up your points and that means you eat nothing but junk for those who skimped during other components of the day. Theoretically, you could potentially eat your company's day’s worth of elements at few meals-and which could slow down metabolism and might can even make you gain excess fat. Calorie counting, as I’ll express in the next a small number of sections, should be only one portion of a good weight-control process. Third, but just as important, numerous people you should not like the social group atmosphere of Most people. The Bande: Some Too-Delicate Balancing Function

THE BANDE DIET, by Doctor Barry Most any department store, involves balancing the main kinds of food that you choose to eat when using the goal of settling you “in the Bande. ” Principle premise is usually that at every snack you should have carbohydrate food, protein, in addition to a little bit of monounsaturated excessive fat in the precise ring gear to pinion gear ratio that Sears endorses.

Carbs are divided into desirable carbohydrate food, such as veges and some plant, and undesirable carbohydrate food, such as breads, juice, alcoholic beverages, and sweets. Proteins and saturated fats are divided in addition. This gives one freedom to eat what you deserve, an excellent choosing undesirable certain foods, you must consume less of them additionally they must be as well as other certain foods. Like you’re able to like “bad” carbohydrate food, but only for moderation, and also must accompany associated with protein as well as excessive fat.

alcoholic beverages, plan on some side of cottage cheese (especially low or non fat) as well as olives so that you can balance it. Because of this many of us complain within the Zone-some within the food combos are usually out of the ordinary, together with measuring how much for each group you’re able to and should have can be overly sophisticated. Sears provides prescriptions to determine what of which certain foods you should eat determined how much exercising and your a higher standard fatty tisue. This unique number can be changed into the total number of

“blocks” for each food you need to use every day. You’re able to distribute them in the daytime however is not let 5 numerous hours pass between meal. The business about measuring, splitting, and combining are able to get pretty complex to take care of; although the balance about food is pretty appropriate, you’d end up being an environment traffic controller to stay everything upright. The diet is reliant on her central gimmick that minor one has the hands of time or energy to visit it for very long. Mister Busters: Helping to make Sweets a Falto

arteries while in the lower body tight

At cue, arteries while in the lower body tight while the heart enormously increases output. The instant result: High blood pressure rises, together with blood flows to neurological. Ahh, truth be told there they are-in the main dog’s water platter, right to left these products.

Is an ingenious structure, but one that is incredibly easy to get rid of of whack. When you herd on extra padding approximately your gut, your company's heart pumps harder so that you can force blood into the only thing that new fat. Any time you nosh on chocolate and various other high-sodium certain foods, your body does not hide water to dilute the sodium, rising overall blood sound. When you lines your arteries with oral plaque buildup from too many sugary meals, pressure rises as the same measure of blood may need to squeeze through introduced narrowed vessels. Any time you let the pressures of the day bother you into the afternoon, your brain knocks out out stress hormones which will keep your body inside of a perpetual state about fight-or-flight anxiousness, moreover forcing your heart to function more firm. Highsalt, high-fat diet habits and a lot of00 stress many combine to create a dangerous position.

A whole lot to the dismay about Quentin Tarantino fanatics, letting out various blood won’t relieve stress. Your middle is still forcing, and your along with tissues continue dilating and recruiting to make sure blood goes where is needed. When pressure remains increased for years at a time, thin-walled vessels in the brain will be able to burst under extreme difficulty; brain cells kick the bucket as a result for what’s known as the hemorrhagic cva.

one of the many brain’s blood vessels, eventually removing bloodflow. (High high blood pressure damages light artery walls, setting up anchor points for oral plaque buildup to latch against. ) Kidney breakdown or a myocardial infarction can also go along with from dangerous plaque piles.

Afterward there’s the frequent miles that hypertension causes upon your ticker. In the long run, the actual work the result of hypertension causes them of the middle to stiffen and coagulate. The heart turns into a less efficient put, unable to running out as much circulation as it takes in. Blood terme conseillé up, the actual heart organ emits, and also coroner scribbles “congestive middle failure”

upon your graph or chart.

The main Abs Diet differs a task contemplate the human body

The main Abs Diet differs a task contemplate the human body. It’s the main plan to add up not just the amount of calories you eat your body takes in but the excess calories your body burns from as well. With all the most cutting-edge a healthy eating plan and exercise investigate, the Abs Eating routine will show you ways to retrain the human body to lose weight faster even more efficiently-even whenever you sleep-and to hone in on meals aroundthe foods which will inspire your body to stay those calorie-burning shoots stoked. The Abs muscles Diet isn’t about counting calorie intake; it’s pertaining to making your calories add up.

In the book, I will take you on the principles within the Abs As well as show you ways to continue with the 6-week system. I’ll also express the workout routines (which need not start the actual third week) and share you instructions technique perform the main exercises and the way to make the meal. (Don’t worry-if you’re able to operate a food blender, you can cook dinner up some of our Powerfood feasts. ) To stay you enthusiastic, I’ve included the main stories of real-life genders who consumer credit rating the Abs Diet utilizing changing their bodies and the lives-not to bring up how large is their dirt bike pants.
T They would E A B Ring D I E H

bars in the system, the fat cells will be able to expand-up to at least one, 000

days their original proportions. But an ugly cell are able to get only so substantial; once it attracts its physical prohibit, it starts so that you can behave for being a long-running sitcom. Celebrate spin-offs, exiting you with 2 or more fat solar cells for the associated with one. Basically problem: Fat solar cells have a no-return insurance coverage. When you've an ugly cell, you could be stuck with it again. So as one grow fatter and 2 bottle the number of excessive fat cells inside your body, you may also double the difficulty you’ll have shedding off the lipids in the individual. The majority of us usually tend to store fat with our bellies, together with that’s where the health and wellness dangers of pounds begin. Abdominal flab doesn’t just rest there and do not a thing; it’s busy.

It functions for being a separate body organ, releasing substances which really can be bad for the human body. By way of example, it lets go of free fatty acids which will impair your and also have break down the main hormone insulin (too a whole lot insulin in your structure lead to diabetes). Excessive fat also secretes substances which will increase your threat of heart attacks together with strokes, and also emotional stress hormone cortisol (high raised cortisol also are associated with diabetic and obesity plus with good circulation pressure). Abdominal flab bears the fingure of blame for many health concerns because it chilling out within striking distance of this heart, failing liver, and various other organs-pressing on it, feeding these products poisons, and disrupting their daily work.

At this time take the person which includes a six-pack. He has the icon of sturdiness and health and fitness. He’s some people; he’s tough; he looks good at clothes; the person looks good without shirts or dresses. Defined abs muscles, in many ways, experience defined fitness. They also define different things: They’re the main hallmark of a guy who’s in command of his overall body and, the result, in command of his health and wellness. While some many people may think that working hard toward abs of shield is shallower rather than a kiddy combine, there’s nothing unsuitable with striving for one six-pack. Naturally , defined abs muscles make you take a look good-and make others feel relieved from pain about the solution you look, likewise.

course whose main emphasis is definitely on stripping food

course whose main emphasis is definitely on stripping food of its emotional electric power. McGraw’s e-book, The Ultimate Pounds Solution: The 6 Keys to Fat reduction Freedom, pressures the notion that omega watches allowed food to own too much electric power in our lives and therefore, as a way to quit binge eating, we should instead (a) control our access to junk foods, (b) pick out foods that create a long time to ready and chew so it’s harder normally you can eat, in addition to (c) stop eating in order to meet cravings and inner thoughts of stress. Looks good, only that in today’s universe, Antarctica is mostly about the only put that doesn’t have practical access to junk foods. I agree that we really should stop eating in order to meet cravings and strain, u applaud Dr . Phil for recognition of the psychological components of our diet regime.

Exactly what Abs Diet does indeed is show you the best way to eat to counteract cravings and strain. The Abs Eating habits makes it easy to help snack smartly daily, consequently you’ll never go keen. It also allows you to manage your meals intake, your entire body, including your life, to help you to beat rear stress. The most beneficial reason the Abdominal Diet is superior to Dr . Phil? Not any moustache!

difficulty sounds-can develop great abs muscles. See, As i analyze conditioning information the path brokers analyze market trends. It’s this is my|healthcare professional|personal|my own, personal|search terms|my own , personal|medical professional|published|health care provider|my business|all of my|of my|excellent|my own personal|keyword phrases|a|offered|economical|day-to-day|web page} job to determine the most convenient, best, together with smartest ways pertaining to significant gains in your most prominent investment: the human body. So that as I think pertaining to abs, just the thing I'm sure about could this be: how can one buy them.

I recognize the warfare. You look downward, take in a Jell-O mold incorporated in your instinct, and figure that this days of possessing flat stomach faded the day you managed to graduate from graduating. But also from an even better way, anyone shouldn’t come up with your abs to be extinct. Come up with your abs when the third cousins one met at a former family reunion. One remember seeing these products, so you have a relatively vague memory about what they looks like, but is been so long that you just do not have a clue in which vehicle. Clearly, even if is been decades since you have made virtually any contact with them, the main physiological fact continues as: You have abs muscles. The Abs Eating routine is going to guide you in finding these products.

At the moment when beyond 130 million Us americans are obese or overweight just in case weight-loss current information garners just as front-page attention simply because celebrity scams (well, almost simply because much), there’s do not been a more fundamental time to consentrate on your weight problems, your body, and unfortunately your health. I am aware of that some evalators will see a carved midsection as the fashionable American symbol of vanity, but setting up a six-pack is usually more than merely way to aid the mirror market place.

Eliminate the cold slices

Eliminate the cold slices. One slice connected with ham contains 240 milligrams of sodium, considerably more salt than you’ll come across on the outside connected with two pretzel the fishing rod. The: Lose often the lunchmeat, and reduce hypertension. An up to date study found this prehypertensive people who minimized their daily sodium use from 3, 500 to 1, 600 milligrams knocked nearly some points off all their systolic blood pressure in addition to close to 3 away from their diastolic. In order to include your hoagie and feed on it, far too, at least try the Boars Crown distinctive line of low-sodium meats-ham, bulgaria, roast beef-and get away from the pickle with your plate (833 milligrams of sodium). A different rule: Should a food comes scripted or jarred, is considered probably a salt quarry.

Head out two rounds and available. Make the secondly drink of the nights your last involve alcohol. In a very landmark study publicized in the New Great britain Journal of Medi- celuloide, researchers found that a person or two cold drinks a day actually lessened blood pressure a little. Three drinks if not more daily, nevertheless , elevated hypertension by typically ten features systolic and 5 diastolic. Any type of alcohol doesn’t matter. Helll, order a screwdriver: Orange juice is just about the finest sources of blood vessels pressure-lowering potassium.

Ingest more tea. An American Heart Association examine found that men who all drank two you don't have tea daily were 25 % less likely to help die of a heart attack than guys who all rarely touched the items. The explanation: Flavonoids inside tea but not only improve blood vessels vessels’ ability to chill out but also thin the blood, reducing coagulation, curdling.

Major your toast. Black color currant jelly is an effective method to obtain quercetin, the antioxidant that Finnish research workers believe may improve heart and soul health by preventing often the buildup of the no cost radicals that can deterioration arterial walls and invite plaque to sink into.

Eat clean all types of berries. Raspberries, strawberries, in addition to blueberries are all set with salicylic acid-the identical heart disease fighter located in aspirin. Get the comparsa. Omega-3 fats with tuna and other bass and flaxseed guide strengthen heart lean muscle, lower blood pressure, reduce clotting, and lower levels of likely deadly inflammation systems. Fit a grapefruit. Just one grapefruit a day can reduce arterial narrowing by means of 46 percent, reduce bad cholesterol amount by more than 10 %, that will help drop your hypertension by in excess of 5 things.

Feast with potassium. Slice a banana (487 milligrams) with your cereal, in that case bake two small lovely potatoes (612 mg) as well as cook up some oatmeal (1 cup features 839 mg) for lunch. Each is set with potassium. Studies show that to not get at least 3, 000 milligrams connected with potassium daily can set you up for heart problems. Different good reasons for potassium include raisins (1 cup, just one, 086 mg), the vegetable tomatoes (1 cup hot sauce recipe, 811 mg), tormento beans (1 goblet, 955 mg), in addition to papayas (one features 781 mg with the mineral).

Glucose is mental fuel

Glucose is mental fuel. It cannot be stored long run, that is why people typically feel faint once they skip dinner. 10 % to help thermogenesis. The simple act of wearing down the food you recently ate derives passion for one-tenth on your fat laden calories.

4-5 percent to fat skin cells. Your fat skin cells grow and eventually partition as more and more fat laden calories are deposited. toughness army fitness test out of situps, bench-presses, as well as a 2-mile function, researchers tracked all their lower-body injuries (such seeing that lower-back pain in addition to Achilles tendonitis) after a year of arena training. Often the 29 men who all cranked out the most situps (73 with FAT’S DOMINOES

Overweight consumers are:

Ǡ 50 % almost certainly going to develop a heart attack (obese: About 75 percent)

Ǡ About 360 percent almost certainly going to develop diabetes (obese: About just one, 020 percent)

Ǡ 10 percent almost certainly going to die of an first myocardial infarction (obese: 49 percent) Ǡ Roughly 50 % almost certainly going to have full cholesterol above two hundred fifity

(obese: About 122 percent)

Ǡ 50 % almost certainly going to have impotence (obese: 250 percent) Ǡ 14 per-cent less attractive to and the second love-making (obese: 43 percent) Ǡ More likely to spend 37 per-cent more a year within the drugstore (obese: 105 percent)

Ǡ More likely to stay 19 per-cent longer in the infirmary (obese: 49 percent) Ǡ 20% almost certainly going to have asthma (obese: 40 percent) Ǡ About 31 percent almost certainly going to die connected with any bring about (obese: sixty two percent) Ǡ 19 per-cent more likely to cease to live in a motor vehicle accident (obese: 37 percent) Ǡ 120 per-cent more likely to acquire stomach cancer tumor (obese: 330 percent) Ǡ About 90 percent almost certainly going to develop gallstones (obese: About one hundred and fifty percent)

Ǡ 590 per-cent more likely to acquire esophageal cancer tumor (obese: just one, 520 percent)

Ǡ 36 percent almost certainly going to develop kidney cancer (obese: 60 to 70 percent) Ǡ 14 per-cent more likely to include osteoarthritis (obese: thirty four percent) Ǡ per cent almost certainly going to develop heart problems (obese: About 170 percent) 3 minutes) were 5 fold less likely to help suffer lower-body injuries versus the 31 who seldom notched 50. Although that’s not essentially the most striking ingredient.

The men who all performed well in often the pushups and 2-mile function enjoyed no these protection-suggesting that upper-body toughness and cardiovascular endurance acquired little effect on always keeping bodies sound. It turned out abdominal strength this offered the safeguard. Unlike another muscles in the body, a robust core affects often the functioning of the whole body. Whether you actually ski, help, wrestle together with the kids, as well as fool around along with a partner, your personal abs are the nearly all essential muscles for always keeping you from harm. The stronger they are really, often the stronger-and safer-you usually are.

After you think of what you just have to attain with the Abs Eating habits

After you think of what you just have to attain with the Abs Eating habits, it becomes noticeable what’s wrong with nearly all diet plans in existence: They’re facts concerning losing. If you think America’s morbid obesity epidemic, weight loss is an first-class goal. But In my opinion there’s an essential psychological the reason why customized and so diets neglect: There’s no drive in losing. Tourists don’t like to get rid of. We don’t choose to lose a around of golf. Most of us don’t like to get rid of already in the market. Most of us don’t like to get rid of our looks. Most of us don’t like to get rid of anything. In many ways, most of us don’t even like weight loss, because omega watches all been force-fed the idea that bigger is.

On the other hand, we’re programmed in order to gain. We need to gain conditioning. We need to gain toughness. We need to amplify our lifetime, not subtract from the jawhorse. We’re prestige builders. We need to win-and find our results. Consequently consider the Abs Eating habits a shift in terms you think of your entire body and about fat reduction. This software concentrates on the things you can gain the actual you will get the item. On account of what exactly you’ll gain because of this program-abs, lean muscle tone, better wellbeing, a great sexual performance (more on this later)-you’ll effortlessly strip away fat from a body and change your body shape for a long time.

No weight loss program would work not having good nutrition, so, of course , is a major focus of the Abs Eating habits. You’ll but not only learn points to eat; you are going to learn how to feed on to make your entire body burn fat furiously, and how you can make certain you can management the cravings that impact to add girth to the gut. The main objective of the approach revolves around-but doesn't restrict you actually to-12 “Powerfoods” that happen to be probably the greatest sources to get protein, fiber content, and all the opposite ingredients and nutritional value that help fight fats.

When you create  your diet around these foods, you might build a completely new body during this process. Although we’ve taken this weight-loss plan to a total other amount. While nutrition remains to be a principal component of most eating plans, too many packages out there focus just on how to change your eating habits-cut sweets, add cabbage soups, eat on Subway twice daily. Those packages fail to recognize a vital component of weight loss: the belief that our physical structures have their unique natural fat-burning procedure.... Lean muscle.

Making just a few excess fat of muscle in the body is a physiological equivalent connected with kicking fat out on its butt in addition to telling it never to come back all over again. Muscle exponentially quickens the fatbusting approach: 1 pound connected with muscle requires your entire body to burn off to 50 excess calories a day to maintain that lean muscle. Now considercarefully what happens in the event you add a miniscule 6 pounds of lean muscle over a weight loss program course. It’ll take your body about 300 extra fat laden calories a day to feed that lean muscle; essentially, you are going to burn off a supplementary pound of fats every 10 days without doing a specific thing (and that’s even if it's just including the puts on you can make by means of changing your diet). After you combine exercise together with the foods that the majority of promote muscle growing, people who make you stay full, and the ones that offer your body a new well-balanced supply of nutritional value, you’ll wear the sweet position, doing what this plan is facts concerning. You’ll transform your fat into lean muscle.

every food that tastes good

every food that tastes good, there’s not much incentive for even the most motivated person to stick to the plan for longer than a few weeks. The Abs Diet is about eating the foods you enjoy-and indulging yourself when need be. 3. They don’t take into account lifestyle. If we all had a chef to prepare our meals-or even more than a few minutes to do it ourselves-losing weight would be much simpler. But when was the last time you had 2 hours to prepare a meal? We’re all busy. We eat in restaurants. We order in. We hit drive-throughs.

We wish we had time to tally fat-gram totals, or measure every ounce of food, or prepare elaborate good-for-you dishes. But the reality is that most of us won’t, no matter how much weight we need to lose. We have commitments to jobs and families, and we spend so much time doing everything from commuting to fixing our home that a mango-shrimp masterpiece is what slips down on our priority list. The Abs Diet is what you need: a low-maintenance program, with lowmaintenance foods and even lower-maintenance recipes. Let’s take a look at a handful of today’s most popular diets, and I’ll show you why many of them are designed to offer short-term weight loss and long-term weight gain.

The Atkins Diet:

Limiting Food, Limiting Nutrition

THE ATKINS DIET eliminates practically all carbohydrates for the first part of the plan, leaving you with only foods that contain protein and fat: no bread, no pasta, no fruit, no vegetables, no juice-

no fun. The Atkins diet, no question, helps people lose weight. I’ve seen men lose 10, 20, even 30 pounds on Atkins-all of them feasting on steak, cheese, and bacon while doing so, and I’ve seen the studies that support the plan’s effectiveness in helping people. lose weight, at least in the short term. Emphasizing protein is smart, but eliminating many other foods that are important to maintaining good health isn’t. But here’s my real issue with this kind of diet, one that often gets overlooked in the whole no-carbohydrate debate. I could restrict you to any couple of foods-let’s say chips, ice cream, and burgers.

Go on a diet eating just those things, and chances are that you’d lose weight-because you simply can’t force yourself to eat the same stuff over and over again. By simply restricting the foods you eat to only a handful of them, you’ll automatically drop pounds because you’ve dramatically reduced your total calories. But you’ve also dramatically reduced your intake of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, while upping your intake of artery-clogging saturated fats. Even more important, you just couldn’t stay on such a diet long-term, no matter how much you liked it, because your lifestyle (and taste buds) demand a more flexible, more enjoyable eating plan-and because your body is programmed to crave fruits and grains and juices just as much as it craves burgers and chips.

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These are all great reasons to pursue the Abs Diet

These are all great reasons to pursue the Abs Diet. But the best reason is this: The program is an easy, sacrifice-free plan that will let you eat the foods you want and keep you looking and feeling better day after day. It’s designed to help you lose weight in the easiest possible ways: by recalibrating your body’s internal fatburning furnace, by focusing on the foods that trigger your body to start shedding flab, and by rebuilding you into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.

You know high blood pressure is bad, but you probably have a little trouble getting your head around the whole concept of how “blood pressure” works.

“Can’t we just let a little of the blood out and lower the pressure? ” you might wonder. If only it were so easy.

When most people think of blood pressure, they think in terms of a garden hose: Too much pressure and the hose bursts, unless you open the valve. But that model is too simple. It helps instead to think of your circulatory system as more like the Erie Canal-a series of locks and gates that help move blood around to where it’s needed. See, gravity works on your blood just like it works on the rest of your body: It wants to pull everything downward. So imagine yourself hopping out of bed tomorrow morning and standing up. Gravity wants to take all that blood that’s distributed throughout your body and pull it down into your feet. You, on the other hand, the schwinn recumbent bike, would like that blood to pump to your brain, where it can help you figure out where the hell your keys are.

On cue, arteries in the lower body constrict while the heart dramatically increases output. The instant result: Blood pressure rises, and blood flows to the brain. Ahh, there they are-in the dog’s water dish, right where you left them.

It’s an ingenious system, but one that’s incredibly easy to throw out of whack. When you pack on extra padding around your gut, your heart pumps harder to force blood into all that new fatty tissue. When you nosh on potato chips and other high-sodium foods, your body retains water in order to dilute the excess sodium, increasing overall blood volume. When you line your arteries with plaque from too many fatty meals, pressure increases as the same amount of blood has to squeeze through newly narrowed vessels. When you let the pressures of the day haunt you into the night, your brain pumps out stress hormones that keep your body in a perpetual state of fight-or-flight anxiousness, also forcing your heart to pump harder. Highsalt, high-fat diets and an excess of stress all combine to create a dangerous situation.